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Alice Bailey wearing #6004 Triple gold art glass beads with pearls lariat.
Necklace 22"  $598.00  Earrings 1.5"  64.00

Alice Bailey’s sojourn through design began at age 15 and has encompassed fashion, costuming, interior design, hand-painted silk scarves, jewelry and mosaics for over 30 years. Though she has been creating mosaics for over 10 years, her newest passion is one-of-a-kind mosaic sculpture. Reflective to her jewelry designs, Alice implements gems, minerals, fossils and natural stones to embody elegance and motion; clearly revealing her passion for color and texture. The beauty of her sculptures offers the individual dance of interpretation for each viewer. The impact of Alice’s mosaic sculptures is enchanting and leaves one wanting to see more!

Look for mosaic sculpture images coming soon!

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